AppsByDel is excited to preview our very first venture into game development. Introducing Hi Lo Mania, initially released for the HP Touchpad, and now submitted for your Windows Phone. Hi Lo Mania combines a classic, “guess what’s next” card game, with a fun points based element of strategy. It’s a simple, yet challenging and addictive game sure to consume a good deal of your time (especially when you are competing to reach the top of our leaderboards!). Yes…Hi Lo Mania  will record your high score if its competitive enough to beat out other challengers in our leaderboards.

Presented with a range of colorful backgrounds and deck colors, Hi Lo Mania also is a great looking application, take a look at just a couple of screenshots from both versions(click image for larger version)…

Hi Lo Mania Start Screen











Villo Login

















Hi lo Mania is available in the App Catalog for the HP Touchpad, and has been approved for the Windows Phone marketplace and should be available soon. As always, keep an eye out on our Twitter account  (@AppsByDel) for the latest.

One Thought on “Introducing Hi Lo Mania for Windows Phone and webOS

  1. Looking good. Never played a Hi-Lo Mania type game, but it sounds fun.

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